32 Ton pneumatically operated press mounted with 12 row 3/8 inch progressive draw die enabling machine to achieve 9 fins per inch to 14 fins per inch with automatic feeder,automatic fin collector CNC based fin cutting

  The material in the industry is in the form copper tube rolls. The copper tubes are straightened by a straightening machine which consists of a single pipe which goes in the rolled copper tubes and makes them straight. As soft annealed copper is used the straightening occurs without cracks.

  The copper tubes and the fins which act as a primary and secondary heat transfer means are then assembled according to the design required. This is done by expert workers and this requires experience as well as theoretical knowledge.The circuit is based on the requirement of the consumer.

   Header plates are used to align the circuit arrangement of the aluminum fins and copper tubes and to support the condenser

  The image shows actual Gang Bullet Expansion machine installed in the factory. It can expand upto 41 " X 30 " wide X 6 row coil After the circuit of copper tubes and aluminum fins is done there is a gap of about 0.4 mm between the outer surface of the copper tube and inner surface of the hole punched in aluminum fin

air cooled coils
Bullet expanded

  Depending upon the circuit to be done the u-turns are brazed on the copper tubes. Also the inlet and outlet pipes made of copper are brazed according to the circuit on the copper tubes.The brazing is done with oxyacytelene flame and selected copper brazing rods/silver rods depending upon the application.

evaporator design

Punching of Aluminum foils to produce fins (Step 1)

Straightening,Bending and cutting of Copper tubes (Step 2)

Assembling Circuit (Step 3)

Manufacturing of Header Plates (Step 4)

Mechanical Expansion of Copper Tubes (Step 5)

Brazing and Testing and Purging Process (Step 6)

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